Soma massage


Soma massage - massage of the soul

Ayurvedic (Indian) massages at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center


Soma massage is a classic among Ayurvedic procedures, a simultaneous oil massage with four hands; during this massage, there is a gentle action and work on the whole body with the use of therapeutic oils. The procedure begins with massage of the head, during which the skin of the head becomes relaxed. After this, the masseurs simultaneously, with four hands, start working with the body.

Soma massage has a beneficial action on our mind and emotions. The procedure is used for treating neuromuscular disorders, and it reduces stress and exercises a healing effect on the entire organism.

The procedure takes 45-60 minutes.

The optimal course of treatment: 3-7 days.


Upon completion of the course of treatment:

- blood circulation is activated;

- waste products are carried out of the body;

- there is a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and vitality is increased;

- the muscular system is strengthened;

- tensions and fatigue are eliminated, even after intense physical exertion;

- brain functioning is improved.