Ayurvedic (Indian) procedures at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center

Nasyam is a unique Ayurvedic procedure during which warm therapeutic oils and herbal juices are introduced into the nose, purifying the sinuses, after which, reaching the throat, they purify and improve the condition of the throat.

Nasyam is usually carried out after a series of other Ayurvedic procedures. The procedure is effective in cases of head and neck illnesses, of paralysis of the facial nerve, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, and also of certain mental disorders.

Karnapuranam is an Ayurvedic procedure during which therapeutic steam and therapeutic oils are led into the ears. This therapeutic method is used for removal of waste products and toxins that poison the organism and prevent its normal functional activity. Karnapuranam helps purify the ears and avoid ear illnesses.

Tarpanam is an Ayurvedic procedure for purifying the eyes, with the aid of individually-selected therapeutic oils poured into a receptacle forming a cylinder around the eyes. Thirty minutes a day are sufficient in order to remove eye tension, improve vision, strengthen the optic nerve, and prevent various eye illnesses.