Dervish Yoga


Samadeva Gestural Euphony

The Secret of Eternal Youth

• Harmonizing the body and spirit

Inspired by the Science of Movements taught for centuries in ancient Dervish brotherhoods, and also other movements like yoga, tai chi chuan, chi gong and more recent methods like eurhythmy and stretching, Dervish Yoga (Samadeva Gestural Euphony) is a gentle psychocorporal practice. It has beneficial effects on the functioning of our organs, muscles, concentration, memory, and our entire physical and psychological equilibrium. Above and beyond our usual perception, our movements and gestures are the expression of our emotions and fundamental impulses; in the same way, certain movements have an influence on our moods. The effects of stress brought about by our modern way of living are reduced, the functioning of our different organs is regularized, and our capacities of concentration, coordination, and memory are greatly improved. This practice of attention to ourselves helps reduce our physical and psychological pains.


• Towards true self-knowledge

Samadeva Gestural Euphony draws from the ancient forms of knowledge that integrated the body, intelligence, love, and spirituality. Developed by Ennea Tess Griffith and her collaborator Emma Thyloch, withthe participation of doctors, therapists, yoga instructors, and masters of Dervish dances, Samadeva Gestural Euphony is a true “teaching” of being in its totality. It teaches us to listen to all the dimensions in ourselves, other people, and our environment. The practitioner discovers how he “functions,” which allows him, if he wishes, to acquire true knowledge of himself and his physical, emotional, and intellectual mechanisms. Practicing Dervish Yoga, each person goes at his own rhythm, according to his abilities, concentrating on what he is experiencing, and learns to perceive what is happening in himself, to listen to and accept himself, without forcing, comparing, or judging. These movements can be practiced by anyone of any age, without any particular physicalrequirements.


• Therapeutic benefits of the movements

The Arkanas – specific postures of Dervish Yoga – harmonize the functioning of our muscles, bringing them the necessary tone for activity and freeing them of useless tensions. More deeply, the oxygenation and relaxation of tensions contribute to the proper functioning of our respiratory, digestive, and urogenital systems. A succession of slow or fast movements, music, spoken words, and silence, Dervish Yoga practiced in a group creates a space that allows us to feel true emotions. Thanks to harmony that is progressively created when each person feels himself as he is, in the present moment, our gestures and emotions become more flowing.

Samadeva Gestural Euphony (Dervish Yoga) is a method for our health, bringing us calm and harmony in our physical body, emotions, and mind.