• Another way of approaching systemic work

Practiced for centuries in traditional societies, certain systemic techniques - from the movement of the soul to the breath of the spirit - have been adapted to the Western public and its needs of today by Idris Lahore, integrating into them the knowledge and practical experience deriving from the work of B. Hellinger, I. Sparrer, and M.V. von Kibed. A remarkably powerful and effective form of mediation, this approach deals with individual problems from a systemic perspective. By working with the problem area of one person, the mediator also helps the people with whom he or she is in relationship, at the family, relational, social, professional, or therapeutic levels.

Unshakeable ethical integrity, gentleness, and benevolence at the service of a profound inner action characterise this approach. An ethical code is available for those who are interested.


• With family and systemic constellations, gain a clearer vision and find a better solution to your:

• Or learn to give your life a new direction

Usually we think that what happens in our lives is due to us, our fault, or the result of our personal past. However, when we do something we didn’t want to do or when we don’t do something we want to do, family constellations and representations reveal to us that what happens isn’t due to us, but due to the influence of other members of our family system, to what hey did or neglected to do. Sometimes they are ancestors that we haven’t even known. In representation and constellation work, this connection is referred to as an “entanglement”; we are entangled with a member of our family system.


It is difficult to observe these influences directly in our family. However, they can be the cause of serious bodily illnesses like cancer, psychological troubles like depression, repeated accidents, failures, and recurrent difficulties in our lives.

The practice of euphonic representations or family constellations make them visible, bringing to light the influences that certain members of our family and ancestors can have on us.