Do you remember the children's game "Pass it on"? The idea of this game was for the players to quickly pass on some kind of object, and the player who held on to it himself was the winner. When you grow up, you already start feeling the need to give and to be in the flow of life. This article came into being naturally, when after receiving something, I felt the wish to share.

            I had the good fortune, as a practical psychologist with 16 years of experience, to learn many techniques, methods, currents, theories, concepts, and other systems of perceiving the world. but I can assure you that what I experienced at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center went far beyond even my highest expectations.

            This clinic has all the necessary licenses and authorizations for medical practice, and thus no fear or doubt arises upon consulting its specialists, who also have all necessary licenses and certifications (License No. 78-01-002146 from July 11, 2011).

            Galina Vlasova, the clinic's founder, has three degrees of higher education, and over the course of 12 years has lived in two countries, Russia and India. But a part of her heart has remained in India forever. Of course, connecting these two countries on a territorial level is impossible, but it is possible to do so in one's heart, giving the people dear to us in St. Petersburg what has become dear to us in a different culture - in this case, Ayurvedic healing methods. The idea could be realized only after thorough research.

            Galina combines in herself an excellent education at the theoretical, and boldness and decisiveness at the practical level. She is a natural scientist: only after herself experiencing Ayurvedic procedures in one of India's largest clinics, verifying their effectiveness for herself, did she decide to offer these procedures to others. And what an offering! So simple! She brought back not only the medicine, oils, unique Ayurvedic equipment, tables and basins from entire pieces of rosewood, and interior decoration, but she brought back what is most valuable of all: doctors from India. Yes, the specialists who are going to work on your health and the beauty of your physical and spiritual body. In addition, the Indian doctors and specialists are high-level professional specialists with over 10 years of work experience in different countries.

            I recently returned from France, a country that I decided to get to know from the inside, travelling on my own and not through the window of a tourist bus. I could go on for a long time about my impressions, but the most important thing I brought back from this country is the intention to do for other people what can make their lives happier and more joyful. The ambiance of the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center is imbued with this same spirit of kindness. When you enter the clinic building, you start feeling how time slows down and the space around you becomes denser. Here, a quiet joy is present. An atmosphere that is filled with benevolence, sincerity, and the readiness to do something good for you. There is no need to expect anything; it is enough to simply become like a child and trust, to open one's heart.

            At the reception you are greeted by an employee of the Center, who meets you with joy and warmth, as if the Buddha himself had crossed the threshold. After a unique pulse diagnosis, the Ayurvedic doctor elaborates for you an individual program of massages and procedures, and will attentively follow your organism's reaction during the course of the whole treatment. You will receive a special booklet in order to more comfortably organize the rhythm of your life while attending the center. Trust and give it a try - for your health, youth, and joy of living.

            A delightful part of it is that before beginning the procedure, before you are even touched, the doctor reads a mantra. They are in constant bodily and spiritual purity, praying, reading mantras, eating natural foods, and meditating. You can come up with your own explanations or theoretical conclusions, but the wisdom of your body, beginning with the first touch, will perceive everything rightly and with gratitude: the relationship to oneself as to something divine, as to a unique and grandiose creation of the Universe!

            Each person has the freedom of choice. And it is not important what you tell yourself when you decide to go for the first time, the important thing is what your precious body is telling you when it calls you back to ARPANA again and again.


Wishing you inner and physical health, sincerely,

Anna Lyashuk

Practical psychologist


            I went to the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center at my mother's insistence, since I had already stopped believing that something could be done with a spinal trauma that had been with me for 11 years, 4 intervertebral hernias, and frequent back pain. And I absolutely did not want to start doing more experiments.

            At the center I was offered a healing program based on Ayurvedic procedures. At the very beginning, I looked at the treatment rather skeptically, particularly the massages, which on many occasions had been the main methods used for treating my spine.

            The remarkable thing was that already after the first session, I stopped feeling the pain in my lower back that had extended down my legs. After the second procedure, I was able to touch my toes without bending my knees. When I had completed the program, my height increased by 3 centimeters, and my back stopped hurting.

            I no longer try out experiments with my health, I have simply become a regular client of the center. Now I don't doubt, I trust, since my back proves, better and more reliably than any words, the high level of professionalism of the center's doctors and specialists.


Thank you very much!

Diana, 25 years old



            I was first invited to this wonderful Ayurvedic Medical Center by Galina Vlasova, the center's owner. Although I felt a certain inner resistance, since I didn't really have an idea of what it was, I nonetheless agreed and had the pulse diagnosis and three sessions of Kalari massage (a remarkable Indian massage of the feet).
            By the end of the procedures, I realized how incredible this was: I was filled with such a

 surge of energy and strength that I hadn't felt for a long time. I can say that I had known such a state only in my youth, since, of course, the effect I experienced after only three sessions inspired me. Afterwards I did an entire course of treatment and I can say that I was delivered of many problems that had been bothering me. What's more, I started feeling the desire to work, to do something. I completely restored my emotional and mental state.

            In my view, the massages and procedures that are used as a therapeutic method of Ayurveda can be called a holistic branch of medicine, and not simply a massage technique. Ayurveda has an amazing effect! And I really recommend that everyone give it a try. Personally, I'm really enthusiastic.

            I'd like to add that I practice medicine very seriously, I have my own spa center. I am also familiar with many massage techniques, including and with the aid of non-traditional medicine. And I can boldly assert that Ayurveda is one of the best branches in our day. And, with its multi-faceted approach, it gives real results in regenerating one's health.

- What problems of a physical character were you able to resolve?

- Taking into account the particularities of the transitional time for a woman, I was experiencing weakness, sluggishness, tiredness started appearing, unpleasant feelings in my body, in my muscles. At the present day, practically all these problems have disappeared. And this, of course, makes me very happy.

- Could you say a few words about the Center's doctors, share your opinion?

- A relationship of neutrality and sincere benevolence toward the patient, independently of age, color, or sex. You feel that the specialist is completely immersed in the person's problem, this is something you feel very distinctly, and it is really great. At that moment the doctor isn't thinking about anything other than how to help the person. He is completely concentrated on the patient's problems.

            And there is also a feeling of inner dignity, concentration, and benevolence, this is simply unique. Such specialists, unfortunately, are very rarely to be found.


Yelena Viktorovna

D.m.h., principal physician, director of medical center.


I was tormented by terrible pains in my hip joints while walking. My movements while sitting on a chair and in lying position were very limited. I gradually started feeling pain and had difficulties  moving my joints when I raised my legs or moved them sideways. Even bending forward was impossible. Doctors gave me a horrible diagnosis: asthenic necrosis of the head of the hip joint. I was proposed an endoprosthesis replacement operation (replacement of the hip joint). It was frightening to even think about the amount of time and money that may have been necessary for the operation and for rehabilitation afterwards. Precisely at this time, just before submitting myself to the surgeon's blade, one of the center's directors, Inna Valerievna, proposed that I try out a course of treatment at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center. I did a ten-day program of regeneration, and a true miracle occurred for me. By the end of the program, I was able to bend forward without a problem, and I forgot about pain in my joints while sitting or in lying position. After this, I did a second course of treatment to consolidate the result. Now I joke with my friends that it's time to go back into competitive sports. Thank you to the unique specialists from India and Ayurveda. I am truly happy that I was able to believe in this miracle and feel again that I'm a healthy person.

Svetlana Gennadievna

Professional athlete, physical education teacher


I would like to share my experience at the Arpana Ayurvedic Medical Center. Upon my arrival at the Center at the beginning of May 2012, I was in bad physical condition indeed: low energy, a state of general fatigue that had accompanied me, on and off, for well over a year, and a digestive system that was far from working properly: for the past seven months I was having trouble digesting just about everything I ate, with very disagreeable symptoms and consequences on my energy level that made my life more unpleasant than can probably be imagined by someone who has not experienced such symptoms. The act of eating itself had become a trial, fraught with anxiety, and in the many instances when my digestive system was "on strike," I could often not eat anything at all. Over this seven month period I lost a lot of weight, which was not a positive thing, since I have a thin body to begin with.

It was with joy that I accepted the invitation of Galina, a good friend of mine and the Center's director, to spend a month in St. Petersburg and undergo a Panchakarma treatment. I had discovered Ayurveda a few months earlier, read many books on the subject, and had felt an immediate resonance with this beautiful and wise science of healing. This previous acquaintance, or I would rather say, enthusiasm, for Ayurveda, resulted in my looking forward to a practical experience of Ayurvedic treatment, in the hands of an experienced Indian doctor and highly competent specialists, also from India, all the more eagerly.

I was surprised, and touched, by the attention given me by Dr. Mani, with whom I consulted every day of the four-week treatment and who attentively looked after me and was constantly monitoring my progress and how my body was responding to the treatment. I felt privileged to be able to ask him all of my questions (and there were many!), to which he always responded helpfully.

The doctor and specialists were for me models of what therapists in the medical and healing professions can be. Not only were they clearly on a high level of practical and technical competence, with their years of experience, but their state of mind, their state of being, was beautiful - during every treatment I could feel their state of genuine service, of the healing and highest good of the patient. Something that is unfortunately rarely recognized in our Western medical tradition is that the state of being of the doctor or healer, his or her presence, plays a very important, often crucial, role in the healing process; the cutting edge of our science is only just beginning to be able to explain why this is so, but it is still for the most part unrecognized by the mainstream of the medical profession and of our society. This state of service, of helpfulness, of kindness, of active benevolence, accompanied me throughout my stay at the Center, and in addition to making the process as a whole an agreeable one (in spite of some necessary periods of discomfort), I am convinced that it contributed - complementing the wonderful, powerful, time-tested treatments themselves - to the positive concrete results that I am still enjoying as I write this testimonial.

Ayurveda does not work on the surface, but in depth, going not at just the symptoms, but at the root of the problem. Its action is gradual, but lasting. During the treatment itself, my general state and many of my problems began improving considerably. Although I was eating lightly, I was digesting what I was eating most of the time. My energy level was already improving. During the last week-and-a-half of my stay I even got hold of a bicycle and began riding all around St. Petersburg, and gave two hour-and-a-half piano recitals on the final weekend of my treatment. As a word of caution, this is not the sort of thing that is generally recommended during Panchakarma, and I probably exaggerated a bit. (I should also note that I did not receive the full Panchakarma treatment, which is more intense, as my body was not yet ready for it, but a partial treatment).

A week or two after my return to France, I began experiencing the full benefits, as Dr. Mani had promised me. I would say that my digestion has improved about 60-70%, my energy level has improved about the same amount, and there is a world of difference in my general state of well-being. I am also grateful for having been able to experience these classical Ayurvedic treatments firsthand, and to have met all of the very nice people who work at the Center. I hope that many more people will be able to benefit from the warm atmosphere of the Center, the high-level of professional treatment it offers, and the concrete improvements in their health that I have had the good fortune of experiencing.

Thank you very much.

 Aaron E.
 Pianist, Translator,
Employee at Free University of Samadeva, France