Abhyanga massage


Abhyanga - a warm, meditative, relaxing massage

Ayurvedic (Indian) massages at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center


Abhyanga is a very ancient Ayurvedic procedure that is rightly considered to be not only pleasant, but also therapeutic. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic whole body massage, starting with the fingertips and finishing with the top of the head, using a large quantity of warm oil infused with herbs and essential oils. The particularity of this Ayurvedic procedure is its action on the Marma points, the principal 10 points of the body, where the organs pulsate and where pain is to be found.

After an Abhyanga session, the cells are freed of toxins, the skin rejuvenated, the body infused with nourishing substances, becoming more resilient, fresh, tonified, and smooth. Individually-selected essential oils and herbs help to heal problematic skin.

A particular feature of Ayurvedic massage its its profound action on a person's health by means of a natural harmonization of the body, emotions, and psychological state.





The effects of Abhyanga:

  • the skin, muscles, veins, arteries, cardiovascular and nervous systems are stimulated; the organism's inner reserves are regenerated;
  • blood circulation is improved, giving the organism the possibility to more effectively eliminate waste products;
  • vitality is increased, as well as strength, stamina, and flexibility, concentration is improved, and mental faculties are stimulated;
  • cellulite is eliminated;
  • sleep is improved;
  • uncontrolled outflow of energy is eliminated;


The procedure takes 45-60 minutes. 

Optimal course of treatment: from 3-14 days.