Ayurvedic (Indian) procedures at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center

Shirodhara is one of the most enjoyable Ayurvedic procedures, during which warm oil is poured onto the forehead in a rhythmic way for 45 minutes from 7 to 21 days. Shirodhara has a deeply relaxing effect on the entire body, eliminates stress and nervous disorders, and helps with insomnia and headaches. Shirodhara tightens the skin, smooths out wrinkles, strengthens the hair, and after the procedure, our face looks fresher and younger.



Sinusitis, eye diseases, graying of hair, allergic rhinitis, chronic headache, memory loss,, neurological disorders, vertigo, diabetic neuropathy, and mental disorders.



Ayurvedic (Indian) procedures at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center


Dhanyamladhara - "Dhanyamla" - body, "Dhara" - constant flow of liquid. During the course of this procedure, aromatic herbal infusions are poured onto the body from a unique vessel in a rhythmic manner. Duration of the procedure is 45-60 minutes.


Indications: Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, problems with intervertebral discs, back pain, paraplegia, and neurological disorders. This procedure is very effective for treating hemiplegia, paraplegia, and rheumatic disorders.