Marma massage


Marma massage

Ayurvedic (Indian) massages at the ARPANA Ayurvedic Medical Center

Marma massage, like many other Ayurvedic practices, derives from ancient Indian methods of healing the organism. According to the teaching of Ayurveda, the Marmas, which, translated from the Sanskrit means "secret," "hidden," or "vitally important," are the 108 principal points of intersection of the body, mind, and consciousness.

Marma massage is a deeply relaxing Ayurvedic procedure; during the massage, there is an action from the fingers and hands on the biologically active zones, the important centers of man's physical, etheric, and subtle bodies, with the use of special Ayurvedic herbs and oils. The main function of Ayurvedic massage is the creation and support of balance in the body's energy, taking into account a person's individual particularities.


The procedure takes 60 minutes.

The length of the course of treatment and its intensiveness is decided on an individual basis for each client.


 Through the application of Marma massage:

- toxins are eliminated from the organism;

- a feeling of inner harmony appears;

- liberation from stress;

- strengthening of muscles and ligaments;

- energetic blockages are dissolved, a more flowing circulation of energy (prana) is established;

- our energetic potential is increased;

- there is a complete relaxation of the organism, which is filled with life force and vitality.